Our Initiatives

We harness our abilities to unlock the potential
of those with purpose for the benefit of all.


Symax Technologies and its associated Funds provide investors with a curated portfolio of investments into startups and established firms that advance technologies and scientific breakthroughs that are pivotal in current and future industries and applications. Among the chosen tech sectors and technologies are Cloud Computing & Software, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Cyber Security, IoT, Blockchain, Computer Imaging including AR/VR technologies, Connectivity, Networking & Telecom, Ad-Tech, CRM & E-Commerce, Fin-Tec, Edu-Tech and Med-tech, all poised to power and improve the way we Live, Learn, Work and Play.

With One Media Tech Holdings Inc, Symax’s flagship Tech holding Company has equity interests in relevant Technology related companies. Created and operated by seasoned Industry veterans with an eye out for innovative, disruptive fast-growing entrepreneurial companies with state-of-the-art technology platforms, it brings decades of practical experience in SaaS, IaaS, PaaS as well as Crypto, Wireless and Computing - spanning Americas, Europe, Middle East and Asia including its Far Eastern territories.

Real Estate

Headquartered in Dubai with strategic presence through our UK Office, Symax R/E’s geographical reach spans the globe. With a team of experts and extensive knowledge of both established and emerging real estate markets globally, we cater to a wide spectrum of client needs and offer advice and package solutions ranging from setting up RE Funds to finding a perfect home for an individual, or securing tenants or land, or finding investors for development projects, and securing opportunities for investors looking to strengthen their portfolio.

Symax R/E’s own residential development projects, and its associated Funds are a testament to the firm’s successful turnkey solutions’ level of operations, covering the full spectrum of disciplines, from zone selection to setting up investment opportunities, securing assets, building and managing our developments end to end, ensuring highest standards and world class results at every stage.

Symax Real Estate is continuously adding to its exciting portfolio that spans the global markets guarded by dedicated property and development professionals.

Super Foods

As the food industry navigates its way through significant transition and as scientific advancements and technological innovations are changing what people chose to eat in these times of higher health consciousness and environmental awareness, Symax Superfood focuses on Agri & Food Tech companies and innovations that contribute to positive nutritional solutions and habits with a view to making a healthy life style possible for the general population across all income levels. ,

We also invest into Food Technology companies where we see significant enhancements in creating food sustainability for global food security and economy.

With Amertaat®️ , Symax’s flagship food-tech venture, named after the 3000 year old Deity of long life on earth and perpetuality in the hereafter, we aim to further research and develop advanced production and applications of natural superfoods such as Saffron as well as other natural products and body enhancing functionality to every day drinking water products.

Fintech Solutions

As newer generations adapt to a different relationship with money than their parents, and navigate different life pressures, new opportunities emerge for a new generation of products focused on payments, savings and investments to help them achieve their goals.

Furthermore, as more currencies come under pressure of dilution and inflation, decentralized finance and crypto currencies promise to fundamentally change how both consumers and businesses access financial services and make money truly programmable and global for the first time.

Symax Fintech Solutions aims to invest in companies and activities that power innovation in financial technologies and platforms in areas of trading, digital asset management, Insurtech, banking, wealth management and payments. Symax Fintech also commits capital to trade traditional asset classes (equity, ETF, derivatives, futures and options, FX) as well as digital asset classes (cryptos and crypto derivatives).

The Fintech team consists of analysts, traders, developers, and system engineers working together in order to achieve high Quality of execution, Weighted risk/reward performance, Automation and scalability of strategies.